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Boston Beats: Could you state your name, age and occupation for the record, please?
Pete: Pete Koeplin, Iím 30. Iím the drummer, and a carpenter.
Josh: Iím Josh Carress. Iím 26. I work for Federal Express and I play the electric guitar.
Adam: Iím Adam Carress, 29, and I sing and write. I play a little bit of guitar and I also sell cars.
Jordan: Iím Jordan Carress. Iím 22. I play bass. And thereís Alex, whoís not here right now. He plays keyboards, and heís 18.

BB: How did the band form?
Adam: T has been around for a while. We were formed as the Troubadours at Gordon College, in a pretty vibrant music scene in the mid to late 90s. Iím actually the only original member, but for the last five years itís been this group. Josh and Jordan came first.
Josh: Iíd like to state for the record that I was responsible for getting Jordan involved.
Adam: And Alex really.
Pete: Iíd also like it stated for the record that not all of us went to Gordon. I didnít actually attend but Adam contacted me because I was playing with another trio from Gordon called Alotia.
Adam: And the band Iain.
Pete: And those guys were like five years ahead of the Troubadours and I was the new drummer, you know, the young blood. The Troubadours were actually opening for Iain and it was sort like a natural progression.
Adam: We inherited a lot of their fans when they broke up.
Josh: They decided to get married and have kids.
Pete: They were very good at having kids.
Adam: And they were really great guys and a lot of fun to play with.

BB: At what point did then band become this setup?
Jordan: í98. Winter.
Adam: Yeah, late í98. This group has been together just over five years.
Pete: This group of four has been the core of it.
Adam: Yeah, Alex our keyboard player just joined a few months ago. Jordan and Alex both graduated from school within the last couple of months (college and high school, respectively). So theyíre both are now free to concentrate more on the band. Everyone in the band has another job of some sort at the moment, but weíre all shying away from long-term careers due to whatís going on with T. Alex deferred acceptance to Berklee School of Music.




Part 1: History of the Band

Part 2: Writing & Recording

Part 3: Playing Out

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